Introduction to Sanskrit


About This Course

The Dhīḥ: Introduction to Sanskrit course has been created for absolute beginners who wish to start learning Sanskrit and want to begin by learning the Devanāgarī alphabet. Within a short period of time, students will be introduced to consonants, vowels and their combinations. By the end of the course it is hoped that students will be able to competently read, write, pronounce, identify and transliterate the Devanāgarī alphabet.

Students will also be introduced to some vocabulary and cultural aspects (verses) whenever relevant, but it will not be the main focus of the course. This course is not intended to teach grammar or vocabulary. The aim of the course is to provide learners with as much exposure to the sounds and letters of Sanskrit so that they may read, pronounce and write Devanāgarī with ease. Effort has been made to ensure that students learn the native way of pronunciation.


No prior knowledge of Sanskrit is required. The course will be conducted in English and the only other requirement is some hard work, dedication and an enthusiastic attitude. The course can be taken even by complete beginners.


Amay Balsara is a student of Sanskrit from Pune,India. He has studied Sanskrit for over 10 years and hopes to remain a lifelong student of Sanskrit. He is especially fond of grammar and philosophy and hopes that all the students would also enjoy the clarity and beauty of Sanskrit through the course!

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